Fjellkysten’s SPA area

Fjellkysten’s SPA area has the best view of the entire hotell. You get a panorama view over the beautiful Lavangs fjord and the area is nicely sheltered from the rest of the guests with a small grass roof.

Sauna with a view!

The Sauna is built as a little side building with an entrance outside, adjacent to the Jacuzzi. It is built with custom-made windows to ensure the guests the best possible experience. There is nothing like sitting inside the sauna sweating and looking outside at beautiful frozen nature and the northern lights dansing over the sky.


The other main attraction of the SPA area is the Jacuzzi. It is a modern tub, with space for up to seven adults. The tub itself is connected to wifi, so we can monitor the quality of the water and ensure our guest a nice experience. The bath is of the type of massage which means that in the different sitting zones there are nozzles that give a sense of massage when they generate bubbles to the body. This combined with the high temperature means that it can solve many sore muscles.

A little something extra

To ensure our guests the ultimate SPA experience, we have partnered with the Swedish skin care company Care of Gerd. They produce organic skin care products that we offer in an upgraded SPA package. In the Care of Gerd package, you get products for you to use in your own bathroom before or after a trip to the SPA area. The package contains products like face mask, body scrub, shampoo, conditioner, body shower and body lotion. All the products are organic and smells delicious of cloud berries, blueberries or citrus to name a few.

If you want to book a SPA-package with your room, just add how meany you want while you are booking your room. 

Restfulness awaits you!

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