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Fjellkysten gjestehus has a wide range of activities like wildlife safari and northern lights snowshoe trip. In addition to being the nearest hotel to the polar park. All the activities that Fjellkysten gjestehus offers is carried out in the beautiful nature in Lavangen, and many of them right in Fjellkysten’s backyard.


On the other side of the road of Fjellkysten gjestehus we have established a small golf course. The course have six holes and is situated on a secluded and very

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Deep sea fishing

Lavangsfjorden is called “Norway’s quietest fjord” The fjord is long and narrow and is located within Rolløya and Andørja. The fjord is fishery and we can tell about countless big

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Ice climbing

Due to global warming, there has been fewer opportunities for ice climbing in central Europe. This fact has in recent years led groups of international climbers far north in search

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Hiking There are a lot of hiking trails near Fjellkysten guesthouse. The trails varies from very easy to medium difficulty. All the trails are marked after international standard. The trails



The surrounding region has a large variety of exciting bird species. Wetlands and river lakes where you can find many different species. Read more: In the surrounding area around Fjellkysten, we

Arctic Kids Grottevandring


The caves are located approximately 5 km from Fjellkysten. We will drive the guests here, and we’ll walk by foot to the opening of the caves. This will take about


Polar Park

Polar Park is one of northern Norway’s most popular tourist attractions and is well-known as the world’s northernmost zoo. The park uses an area of 1140 goals with wild and


Cross-country and offpist skiing

In the mountains around Lavangen and Fjellkysten there are multiple possibilities for skiing. Many tops that invite to drive from the top and all the way down to the sea. There

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