Pilgrimage to the north

The starting point is at Fjellkysten Gjestehus. Ruta follows forest road / path. Flat at the start towards Aa river. Further down to summerbarn. From here there is a path to the mill at the river Aa. A small stream shelter built in 1850. Renovated in 1995.

The route continues down to the road, here is a smith on Nesset. Built in about 1860. From there follow the square the municipal road until the crossing on Soløy.
On this road lies Smørhuset on Aa, cranny and Krambuvika museum. Flat and easy to walk on asphalt.

From the crossing on Soløy, the route rises up to Fjellkysten along the highway 84. On this road, the route crosses the farmhouse on Soløy.
Easy uphill back to Fjellkysten . This is a nice and easy walk through wonderful cultural landscapes.




Total length

3 km


90 m

Highest point

90 m

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