In the footsteps of the mountain warriors

In connection with the filming of the film “The Battle of Narvik” which premieres on 25 December 2021, a guided tour has been produced; In the footsteps of the Mountain Warriors. This tour can be booked in advance

You are taken back to Tennevoll on the evening of 23 April 1940. The snow is deep, heavy and wet, and the blizzard tears at you. You have almost no visibility, but you have to persevere. For the first time since the early 19th century, Norwegian soldiers will attack an invading enemy.

We invite you to get a taste of the dramatic events in the footsteps of the mountain warriors, starting from the Fjellkysten at Tennevoll. You will receive a packed lunch and drink for the trip, and will be transported to the starting point at Skavmodalen near Tennevoll. Our knowledgeable guide here takes you back to the poignant and tense April days in 1940, and the uncertain feeling and atmosphere among the soldiers who did not know what to expect in the mountains.

The march starts up to Rødbergan, where we get to experience the physical challenges faced by Norwegian soldiers in this steep ascent. In 1940, the soldiers were in a hurry to get up these 3 km in heavy snow, but we can walk at a leisurely pace on bare ground. As we walk, the guide spices up the tour with historical facts, anecdotes and personal stories.

As lunchtime approaches, we arrive at the wreckage of a German Heinkel 111 H3, shot down by two English fighters on 24 May 1940. While you enjoy your packed lunch, the guide will tell the exciting story of the dogfights, the shooting down and the wreckage we are sitting next to.

After lunch, the trip goes to the cannon positions at Høyde 400, and then to Moan. Here we use maps, which you get to keep as souvenirs from the trip, to learn about how the nerve-wracking battles in the area took place. We get an introduction to the Norwegian troops’ fight against the Germans at Gratangen and Lapphaugen, and how the will to win is so strong that the battles, which are eventually supported by allied forces, continue in the mountains for many weeks.

The minibus takes us on from Moan to Lapphaugen, where we stop at the memorial to fallen soldiers to lay flowers. We then gather for dinner at the Lapphaugen tourist station, accompanied by the incredible story of how the advance of the German troops was stopped for the first time. After dinner, there is transport in about 20 minutes back to Fjellkysten.

The trip from Tennevoll is about 12 km in total, and starts with a steep climb. The descent is correspondingly steep. It is a relatively demanding trip, with a large climb and hilly terrain, but we will keep a moderate pace.

To complete the tour, guests must wear good shoes and clothing according to the weather and conditions. Bring extra clothes, on the mountain you must be prepared for both rain and cold, also in summer. We recommend wind and waterproof clothing as well as a hat, mittens and mosquito repellent in your bag.

The tour is organized on Thursdays and Saturdays in the summer season. The minimum number to complete the trip is 4 fully paying guests. The maximum number of guests per trip is 15 people. Half price for children under 12.

Degree of difficulty: Moderate, with a length of 12 km.

Price: NOK NOK 1,690 per person.

Included in the price: Guide, packed lunch including drinks, map, transport from the Fjellkysten to the starting point and return from Lapphaugen tourist station, dinner and laying of flowers.

Duration: approx. 6-7 hours



Juli - august - september






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