Down to earth

Slow down and enjoy the view in our SPA area. 

Our SPA area you will find a sauna with big windows and great view, as well as a lovely outdoor jacuzzi with space for 7 persons and 39 degrees celcius water.

It can be especially nice to have a trip to our spa after a summit trip with sore and tired muscles. Talk to us about the spa before you go on a trip, and we’ll have it ready by the time you get back.

When booking a spa package, you get good bathrobes and thick slippers so your feet don’t get cold.



Our sauna is a traditional dry sauna that holds a temperature of approximately 70 degrees celsius and holds seven grown people.

According to has Finnish scientists come to the conclution that a sauna bath has the same health benefits as a moderate woriout and that you can prevent heart desice, sudden heart failure, Alzheimer and dementia with a sauna bath. So there are only benefits really.

In addition to a sauna we have an outdoor whirlpool pool. Here you can sit in heatet water while seeing the northern lights dance in the sky, or maybe a sun that never sets, while you enjoy the view over the Lavangen fjord.

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