Down to earth

Slow down and enjoy the view in our SPA area

Our sauna is a traditional dry sauna that holds a temperature of approximately 70 degrees celsius and holds seven grown people.

According to has Finnish scientists come to the conclution that a sauna bath has the same health benefits as a moderate woriout and that you can prevent heart desice, sudden heart failure, Alzheimer and dementia with a sauna bath. So there are only benefits really.

In addition to a sauna we have an outdoor whirlpool pool. Here you can sit in heatet water while seeing the northern lights dance in the sky, or maybe a sun that never sets, while you enjoy the view over the Lavangen fjord.

Care of Gerd is a ecological skincare brand that focus on natural ingredisences that are common for our area, like blueberry and cloudberry as well as lavendel. The company is located in northern Sweden and so pretty local for us. on our Care of Gerd package you get a shampoo, conditioner, body shower, body lotion, body scrub and facial mask.   

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